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print("Hello Planet GNOME");

Posts from the Vala blog are now appearing on Planet GNOME!

Lorenz Wildberg Blog

Hello to all of you reading Planet GNOME right now! This is the first post from the Vala Blog now appearing in the big wide world of GNOME.

Big thanks to the Planet GNOME team and Felipe Borges for making this possible!

This blog is operated by the Vala project and we are posting here once in a while about new Vala releases, noteworthy changes like new features and how to use them, interesting projects using Vala and their experience with it and other stuff related to the Vala programming language.

If you have an idea to write about something that fits one of the categories above, reach out to us and we are sure eventually a great article will be released! (Talk to us here)

Stay tuned for the next posts coming out! :)