A personal blog from a hobbist developer.


As stated in the welcome post, Welcome to, this is a personal blog about software development, using Vala and Gtk. This page will help to clear some things up that may not have been clear with the welcome post.

So, why choose Vala (and Gtk+)?

My reasons for choosing Vala (and Gtk+) as a way of learning to program and develop native desktop software, other than the fact that I absolutely love to use it, are simple. Vala is:

  • Wicked Fast
  • Native to Linux
  • Compiles to native C code.

Not only that, but, I have used Linux as my primary desktop operating system for the last 14 years. If I am going to learn how to develop native desktop software, I’d much rather learn on and develop for an environment I am most comfortable with and love to use daily.

What this site is, and isn’t.

This site is:

  • A personal software development blog.
  • A way to document my experience with Vala and Gtk.
  • A way to document my progression and evolution as a new developer.
  • Something a beginner developer (inexperienced) may be interested in.

This site is not:

  • A source to learn Vala.
  • A tutorial based learning site.
  • Something an experienced software developer may be interested in.