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A quick look at what this site is and is not!

Posted by David Rodriguez

Welcome to, a personal blog by me, David Rodriguez, that will follow me on my personal journey in learning to develop software using the Vala Programming Language. This post will get you up to speed about what this blog is and isn’t…

Disclaimer: This site is a personal blog. Acting as a way for me to document my understanding and experiences with Vala & Gtk. I am a very inexperienced, hobbyist, software developer that just loves to tinker. This site IS NOT intended to be an authoritative source to learning Vala or software development.

All the code on this site is freely available…

You can freely take the code that is made publicly available on this site and do whatever you want with it! You don’t have to ask permission, or worry about me coming after you for money. You can even make an application with source code borrowed directly from this site, close source it (but don’t do that, that’s evil), and sell it! You don’t even have to “cite your source” for the source code.

All the source code documented in every posts on this site will be made freely available under the BSD 2 Clause license.

For example, if I posted the source code for a simple Hello World, GUI application using Vala and Gtk+ 3 (see below), then that code is free for you to use, modify, re-license, and redistribute as you see fit.

 * Class responsible for creating the HelloWorld GUI Window.
 * @see Gtk.Application
 * @since 1.0.0
 * Copyright (c) 2019 ( All Rights Reserved.
public class HelloWorld : Gtk.Application {

  public HelloWorld () {
    Object (
      application_id: "dev.vala.apps.helloworld",
      flags: ApplicationFlags.FLAGS_NONE

  protected override void activate () {
    var window = new Gtk.ApplicationWindow (this);
    window.set_title ("Hello World GUI");
    window.set_default_size (350, 80);

    var sayHi = new Gtk.Label ("Hello there!");
    window.add (sayHi);
    window.show_all ();

public static int main(string [] argv) {
  var app = new HelloWorld ();
  return (argv);

You can compile this source code using valac, like so:

valac --pkg=gtk+-3.0 HelloWorld.vala

and then run the application using:


About this blog…

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